Customer Job #2: page 1

Bill & Katie Domes

Before #1

In the old days, I owned, with my partner Darrell, a kitchen store called “Kitchens N More”.  Darrell was a wonderful designer and one of the best people on the planet.  He had a habit of assigning pet names to the kitchens we installed.  If Darrell was here I’ll bet he would have named this one, “The Kitchen With A View”. 

When I first met with Bill and Katie Domes, one of Katie’s first requests was to open the left corner wall over the new proposed sink location so she could watch her big screen TV while doing dishes.  When I walked around the corner to see what was on the back side I was blown away by the spectacular view through their family room into the hills and ponds behind their home.  Wow!  It took me 3 seconds to suggest that we open up the right side also.  They agreed and the plan proceeded from there.