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Cabinet Door Styles & Wood Choices:

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Types of Doors:

Solid Wood Doors

All door parts are solid wood.  Some flat panel doors use plywood center panels while others are a reversed raised panel.

MDF Veneered Doors

Solid wood frame members with Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) center panels that are real wood veneer covered.

Foil Doors

MDF cores with thermo formed vinyl covers.

glaze options

Paint Doors

Solid Maple, no wood grain showing through, or Hickory, with soft grain showing through.  Many colors and glazes available.

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Types of Wood:

Hard maple is a strong, close-grained wood that is predominantly off-white in color, although it also contains light hues of yellow-brown and pink. Hard maple occasionally contains small mineral, light tan or reddish -tinged streaks that will darken with stain. It is usually straight grained, but can be wavy or even curly.

Hickory is a strong, open-grained wood that is known for its flowing grain pattern and dramatic variation in color. It often contains random specks, burls and mineral streaks, and it is not uncommon to see doors or parts of doors that range in color from light to deep brown when finished in light or natural stains. Darker stains will mildly tone these color variations, but these very characteristics make each hickory kitchen unique and the preference of those who love wood.

Red oak has a prominent open grain that ranges in color from white to yellow and reddish-brown. Red oak is sometimes streaked with green, yellow or black mineral deposits and may vary from a closely knit grain to a sweeping arch pattern.

Cherry is an elegant, multi-colored hardwood. In its raw state, it has a pinkish-brown hue with occasional shades of white, green, pink or even gray. Natural or light stains accent these color variations. Small gum pockets, streaks, pin knots and figures are common. Cherry wood will darken or “mellow” with age. This mellowing is a natural occurrence and a benefit of owning solid cherry cabinetry.

Natural birch is a medium-density hardwood with a distinct, moderate grain pattern that ranges from straight to wavy or curly. The predominant sapwood color is white to creamy yellow, while the heartwood varies in color from medium or dark brown to reddish-brown. This range in color makes a distinctive statement in a birch cabinetry selection.

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